Changes of the stereotype mentalities of women in the world of fitness

Strong is the new skinny. For decades women have spent hours at gym in an effort to be skinny but now they seek real ‘strength’. They are slim but with biceps, claves and the formidable six packs women are incorporating strength training into their workout and focusing on toning rather than just getting thin. From Kareena to Susmita all these bollywood divas are trying their best to maintain fitness in a long run.

From thin to lean

The greater a woman’s muscle mass the higher her metabolism rate and the more calories she is likely to burn, even at rest. Pumping up is taking fitness to a higher to a higher level.

Be a fitness influencer

Women with biceps aren’t restricted to the glam world alone. Get onto social media and you’d be surprised to see ordinary women lifting extraordinary weights. Fitness experts says social media is the place where women follows trends and realise thin is no longer fit. But the result which you want won’t come overnight rather you have to devote yourself into different forms of workout to get the best results.

Conserve health

With age women muscles deteriorate at a faster rate rather than men. It’s essential to work on muscle strength from early on. Women lifting weights or working against their bodyweights or working against their bodyweight in “resistance” exercise like press- up are likely to have tremendous health benefits. These workouts can help maintain bone density which is important for avoiding osteoporosis prevent muscle wastage as women age; potentially allow them to stay active and independent well into their late 50s. Strong trapeziums, deltoid, biceps and triceps muscles could someday make a huge difference in carrying out basic tasks like carrying groceries or your grandkids.

So go ahead box it and lift it.

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