Changing scenario of women in corporate world

The role of women is undergoing a dramatic change. Women today share the podium with men in almost all fields. Working women are no longer a raity and are now accepted as an integral part of the working force.

Women recently began to join the ranks of managers in large numbers. These days we can get to see upper most ranks of CEO, president, executive vice-presidents hold by women though it is less in number. Women entrepreneurship has been recognised as an important source of economic growth. Be it small scale business like basket cane, boot polish etc. or large scale business like electronics, automobiles etc women are ruling in every sector.

Some influential ladies ruling the corporate world .They are

Arundhati Bhattacharya-She is an Indian banker and currently the chair managing director of the state bank of india.

Chitra Ramkrishna– she is the first and former woman managing director and chief executive officer of national stock exchange and has maintained the rich legacy of the great institute but her tireless endeavour has ensured it has scaled new heights.

Priya nair– She is the executive director home care of Hindustan lever which is a business of over a billion euro s.

Rekha M Menon –is the chairman and senior managing director Accenture in india.

Norway ,Sweden ,France leads the way where highest percentage of women filled up by the women as the board of director.

Challenges faced by women in corporate world

1. Sexual Harassment – this days women are often been victimised of harassment or obscene remarks in workplace – For example – Phaneesh murthy one of the best known software executive had to resign from Infosys in 2002 after his secretary rekha accused him of sexual harassment.

2. Gender discrimination – even today gender discrimination or bias is faced by woman in different workplace. For eg – The Microsoft is the latest technology company to be hit with a gender discrimination lawsuit. One of the employee alleged that female technical employees earned less than qualified men because of gender bias.

3. Rape – this type of sexual assault is most common crime against women in India. Every day a woman is being victimised of this violence. For e.g.- The former tehelka chief was accused of sexual assault and rape during goa event by a former colleague.

Steps taken by the government in encouraging women to join business

* Several ngo

* Self help group

* Educational loan

* Scholarship

Hence from the above discussion it can be said that no doubt women faces lot of barriers while climbing the ladder but still she remain focused to her goal and accepts everything wholeheartedly and always contributes towards organisational success.

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