Cultural impact of the latest form of communication

We are standing in the era of modernization and off course technologically ahead world too without web communication we can’t even think .It has become quite a popular component of our everyday lives in today’s globalizing society.

They provide a context where people across the world can communicate, exchange messages, share knowledge and interact with the near and dear ones regardless of the distance that really can’t separate them and carry a hassle free communication. Just like a coin has two different sides similarly it too carries negative impacts too they are

1. Digital divide

2. Introvert

3. Social isolation

4. Cyber crime

5. Platform to share illegal stuffs

In India mobile single reaches 77% of geographical area and estimated that 121 million people including 24 million in rural areas use internet in India. Mobile phones are becoming cheaper and have incredible multiple media feature ever seen in the history of communication technology .Mobile computing has brought  internet much more accessible and affordable in India in the coming days. Cultures have also advanced economically because the internet allows for marketing and sales transactions. Marketers now have a whole new way of advertising and selling products or services. They can now post something on the internet and anyone, anywhere at any point in time can see that add.

This leads to an increase in business. Businesses are also growing because the internet allows for businesses to be internet based. They can solely run on the internet or they can have a land business and increase exposure with a website and/or internet business as well. Worldwide organizations are now able to exist and run with ease because of the advancement of communication by the internet.

The internet allows information to freely flow from one network to another. This can be through journals, websites and anything else included with the internet. Cultural trends include using Facebook, instant messaging, Myspace, blogs, and other devices like these to communicate. Cultures can directly communicate with other cultures through these services.

However from the above discussion it can be said that web communication do carries certain flaws but it’s quite negligible in front of its credits .It has shape the world with a new form of communication and turned it into a global village.

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