Fight summer heat with cucumber

During summer you just experience the tough phase with scorching heat. During this season indigestion, heat rash, hair dullness all becomes a common problem. But with the goodness of cucumber you can combat the harsh summer days easily. Cucumbers are an excellent source of B vitamins. So put down your drinks and coffee and eat a cucumber slice to experience its benefits.

Rehydrates and replenishes daily vitamins

Cucumbers have 95 % water. They keep your body hydrated. It’s very important to stay hydrated .Cucumbers provide you with a daily dose of vitamins. Don’t peel the cucumber skin it is rich in vitamin C.

Hair and skincare

Cucumber can be used for skin inflammation and sunburns during summer. Put a slice over your puffy eyes. Its anti-inflammation qualities diminish puffiness. The silicon and sulphur present in cucumbers stimulate hair growth and get rid of summer dullness.

Relieves bad breath

Get a slice of cucumber and hold it to roof of your mouth with your tongue for 20seconds.the phytochemicals eliminate the bacteria in your mouth responsible for bad breath

Hangover cure

In summers people tends to chill out a lot to cut out the heat. To avoid a morning hangover or a headache eat some cucumber slices before going to bed Cucumber is rich in vitamin B ,sugar and electrolytes which refuels your system with vital nutrients.

Weight loss

Cucumber is excellent choice for people who want to lose weight due to its high water and low calorie content. The high water content and dietary fibre in cucumbers are very effective in detoxifying the body. They also help in digestion .Regular intake of cucumbers can be considered as a remedy for chronic constipation

Reduce diabetes, control blood pressure and cholesterol

Cucumber contains magnesium, potassium and fibre that work really well in controlling blood pressure, cholesterol and it also very good for the patients who are suffering from diabetes.

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