God’s gift turns book of desire for parents

Children are considered as gift of god but standing in this 21st century you can see new sets of parents who consider their children or child as a book of desire. Now days from childhood itself the children or child suffers a great or tremendous pressure. In fact a little child of class one or two they are also stressed out to fetch the top marks and to satisfy the desire of their parents.

Almost most of the  parents wants their child or children to be the top scorer and  this leads them to join the rat race of being first by forgetting the logic that not everybody can be first some has to be second or third and so on . A school goer whose mind should be free from all sorts of burden but in present day scenario is completely different. From a very tender age the children are motivated to be only a topper as a result the other talents like drawing, music, dancing etc all gets cover in order to meet the demands and pressure of there parents. A child’s aim is decided not by the child but by their parents because it has been seen that parents wants them to see as a doctor, engineer rather than becoming a musician , artist or any other profession which there child aims for etc. Now a day’s different institutions are found in different cities and towns like pathfinder, akhash etc and the parents gets there children enrolled in all these institution in class 11 and 12 to crack joint. But many a times it is seen that a child or children fails to achieve a balance between their class studies along with the joint’s studies and comes out with a net result zero. Even many times when students cannot meet there parents or teachers expectations they get frustrated and commits suicide.

In order to overcome all this dangerous scenario first thing is that the parents need to come out from this rat race rather boost their children to excel and also help them to think regarding their career freely because these days’ children are much more forward and smart. Parent should guide them but never impose their desire. Lastly parents should become their best friend and help them to be successful in near future.


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