How to get perfect look even at the gym

It isn’t unusual stuff to see celebs step out from gym with top to toe glowing after a post workout session, posing for the shutterbugs. If you have ever wondered how they manage to look so perfect with hair settled and perfect look. We have come up with some tips that will definitely workout to give you a flawless look even after a rigorous hard work at gym.

Facial Wipes

Always carry facial wipes and use it before and after your workout session that will keep you fresh. Opt for the wipers which contents Neem or Aloe Vera that will keep away from pimples.


Avoid makeup in gym because sweat is released due to workout makes your face greasy and you will end up with pimples and rashes .So it is best to use moisturiser that will hydrate your skin and make sure u will  your sunscreen has SPF , which will also protect you from sun.

Lip balm

Lip balm is great that will keep your lips moisturised as well as gorgeous too. So always keep a small lip balm handy.


Sunscreen is a must never forget to use it before steeping into gym and even after steeping out. It acts as an umbrella and protects your beautiful skin

Follow this routine regularly while shedding pounds and get ready to see yourself just like a perfect diva.


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