Make your pet’s life easier while travelling

While travelling with your pet, keep dog wipes, water bowl, food treats and essentials handy, says experts. Here are some tips.

  1. Avoid feeding your pet food or water right before you set out. The moving vehicle may induce vomit if your pet has just eaten.
  2. If it’s a road trip, make a pit stop every few hours to let your pet step out of the car and attend to nature’s call, if required.
  3. Do not overfeed your pet but keep a few treats handy to satiate your pet’s urge to eat.
  4. Carry portable or foldable food and water bowl for your pet as they do not occupy any space and have negligible weight.
  5. Carry plenty of dogs wipes to wipe off your pet’s face and paws that may have caught on dust/ dirt’s due to being in the outdoors.
  6. Instead of animal bed you can carry a rolled-up mat, which works as a good substitute to bed.
  7. Carrying basic and necessary medicines is important as you not always find suitable emergency medicines for your pet.
  8. Being crated is as important for pets just as seat belts are paramount for human safety. But in case you are too adverse to the idea of crafting, please ensure that the pet is in the rear section of the vehicle with someone along with it.
  9. In case you are flying there are certain norms of transportation followed by airlines which need to be adhered to. But try to ensure you too are boarded on the same flight.
  10. While choosing an accommodation ensure it is pet –friendly. It’s always good to take your animal for a quick walk when you reach the destination. Carry a potty scooper and some disposal bag.
  11. Carry some accessories like collar and leash your pet’s favourite toy and a wearable tracker.
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