Makeup tips to rock this party season

The New Year is round the corner and it’s the perfect time to celebrate. It’s also the time to bid farewell to all those good or bad times of the year and start a fresh new year by taking a new resolution. Starting with a family get together followed by delicious lunch and dinner along with whole night party with friends in such case looking perfect is very essential so naturally makeup compliments your outfit and gives you confidence ,so  here are some handy tips to get a glamorous look

Use concealer– Concealer plays a great role in makeup it covers all the flaws like dark circles and puffy eyes. Apply it around the eyes, nose and pointed parts towards your chin and make sure to blend it properly.

Convert it into gel – Using a khol eye pencil is tough but you can turn it into a gorgeous gel formula by holding it under the flame for a few second the consistency of eyeliner changes and you are able to glide your eye pencil smoothly and give a definition to your eyes.

Winged eyes – These days winged eyes are quite in so make a perfect winged eyes by drawing a straight line till outer corner of the eye and get ready to rock with your gorgeous winged eyes.

Mascara– Application mascara is tricky but with the help of spoon gets it perfectly. Hold a spoon hugging your eyelids and apply the mascara   and enhance the volume of your eyes.

Juicy Pouts – Before applying lipstick make sure to use translucent powder on your lips and then apply lipstick that will help you to make your lipstick stay long.

Gloss it up – do you want to match your lip colour with  your eye shadow then don’t think much mix loose colour pigment with petroleum jelly blend it and apply on your lips


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