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Pets are not human but this little one displays a lot of human qualities like strong personalities, emotions, preferences, etc. pets are just not dogs , birds or cats but yes off course they are your family. Every year on 11th April national pet day is celebrated and it definitely aware us hoe important this pets are in our life . Millions of people around the country have pets, most commonly cats and dogs, and they can feel the benefits, but there are some they may not even be aware of. Pets bring more to our lives than just a few laughs as they do something silly and pose for the camera. They give us a better quality of life and come with a dose of health benefits. Pets play a very important role in enriching our lives in many different ways.

Here are some of the important roles that pets play in human lives:

Responsibility– When you get a pet you will become more responsible because its entire responsibility of nurturing it depends on you. The life or death of another being will be in your hands and this alone will make you a more responsible person. Be careful and always keep a watchful eyes on your pet and this will boost your ability to control other tasks. Effectively having a pet makes a person more responsible, the level of commitment and care of the owner will inevitably reflect on their pet.

Exercise – be it morning or evening and there are people who goes out for walk with their pets on regular basis keeps you and your pet active and healthy. Older adults who lived with dogs tended to have better mobility than those who didn’t have a dog.

Loneliness– To some extend pet also reduces feelings of loneliness, and increases opportunities for socialization. People often stop to talk to others who have pets, and pets are great at keeping people from feeling alone.

Emotional Link– with the each passage of time your pet becomes a part of you so naturally it creates a great emotional link between you and your pet. You will always remember the times you spent together and you will remember that special bond that put a big smile on your face.

Nurturing-One of the best benefits of having a pet is that you will understand that living beings have needs and that these needs have to be taken care of. You will become a more nurturing and caring person and this will most likely reflect on other aspects of your life.

Thus it proves that how this little creature plays a crucial role in your daily life and with each passage of time they become part of you and you really can’t live without them.

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