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Blog means personal website. The name was coined in the late 1990s and the development was associated with the advancement of information technology was associated with the advancement of information technology and internet. A blog is a frequently updated online personal journal or diary. It is a place to express yourself to the world.

Generally different websites which run as social network site offer the scope of creating blog to its users. It is estimated that on December 2017 there were more than 60lakh blogs in the internet. Well here are some of the popular blogging sites in India take a look.

Word Press

Word Press is one of the best and popular free blogging platforms that is excellent for the bloggers to spread their thoughts. If you are not very impressed with the already existing themes and template design, then you also have the option to go for the Word Press customization to personalize the blog with your own designs. This particular blog has its own in-built analytics system that allows you to track the number of users visiting your blog. Whether you are an experienced or first time blogger, Word Press is altogether a safe bet for you to establish a web presence.

Live journal

Live journal not only allows the users to create a blog, but also provides an opportunity to expand the social networking reach just by searching for the people having common interests and taking an active part in the community discussions. In this blogging platform, you can comment on other writer’s blog and create your own polls.

Moveable Type

Moveable Type is gaining a vast popularity among the bloggers from the various geographical locations of the world for its advanced features and ability to support renowned social networking websites. It helps the people to create the best websites both for the personal as well as the professional reasons.


It is another free blogging website that has gained a significant amount of reputation over the years simply for its user-friendly interface and easy to understand features. It allows the bloggers to post their thoughts or ideas, images and videos. There are plenty of stunning blogging themes and awesome features that help you to create a fine blog. The best thing here is that you can synchronize the Tumblr account with the various popular social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter to update your feeds made in the social sites.


If you are a beginner you are just appropriate for this blog ,create your own online presence, then Blogspot must be your topmost choice. You only have few template designs at your disposal, but the good thing here is that the Blogspot allows you to customize the blog and create splendid fonts, images and lots of other important things. The notable thing here is that here is that this platform also allows you to earn some extra bucks by monetizing the Google Adsense into your blog.

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