Recent trends in Bengal cinema

No more the golden era of Bengali cinema of 1950s. Light, camera and action in and around tollygunge, Bangla cinema. But now a day’s films which are made they don’ really carries the value of earlier times. Bengali cinema refers to the film making industries in the Bengali region of South Asia.

To take a few steps backwards into the past, after the uttam kumar and suchitra sen golden era and the intellectual impact of satyajit ray, mrinal sen and ritwik ghatak all faded away. Main stream cinema in Bengal continued to produce trash. Now –a –days the quality of the movies are deteriorating day by day because the producers ,directors only goes for box office success of films to make it successful it goes to any level by inputting item dance of girls etc.

Talent is there in every form of art but no other art demands as much of investment in terms of human and money capital like cinema does. This huge amount of investment places tremendous pressure on the director much before he even begins to shoot his film. The other pressure he or she must work under is the constant uncertainty and anxiety about whether the film will be a commercial success or not.

Producers do not have the kind of Bengali mindset they had during the 1950s known as the golden era of Bengali cinema.

The future of films based on Bengali literacy works does not seems to be very bright. Today we have strings of new directors, actors, actresses. Some actors, actresses and new directors are doing quite well. Some of the best ones include hemlock society by srijit mukherjee ,bhooter bhabishyat by anik dutta, bedroom by mainak bhaumick, baishe srabon and autography by srijit mukherji ,madly Bangali and chalo lets go by anjan dutta, prakton by shiboprosad mukherjee and nandita roy. No doubt Bengali cinema has broken out, explored itself and gave a new global identity and it will continue doing the same in near future too.

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