They key to happiness

Life is full of mystery you just never know what twist and turn is waiting for you but making the best of every day must be your motto. So when life’s curve balls leave you stressed and depressed how will you deal that? Well there is few tips hope that will be beneficial to battle the odd mood out.

Stay in high sprit

Women often gets irritated and that also quite easily. So in order to avoid it you can start having foods that contains tryptophan – an amino acid that helps your body makes the happy hormone serotonin. Chicken, turkey, nuts contains high amount of tryptophan. Add them to your diet and wait up for good irritation free results.

Pamper yourself

These days we are busy so much that we get little time for ourselves  so whenever you get time don’t hesitate rather just land  up in a spa and get pampered it will help to reduce stress of daily and make you feel lively and  fresh .

 Act happy

Positivity will make you lead a happier life . more you smile the more you get energy to beat the bad mood.

No compromise with sleep

Depression rises in women in their 40s . Sleep trouble is linked to hormone swings. This is a vicious cycle. Fatigue increases, depression and stress . Do some cardio workout never give up it will help to give you a good sleep. Sleep helps you to fight against depression as well as stress.

Spend time with yourself

Spend some me time. Wake up half an hour early before anyone else and give some quality time to yourself. At times spend your lunch hour alone.Alone time really helpful to rejuvenate.

Reduce fat

Regularly do exercises that will help you to fight difficulties.Studies shows that those who are fit can fight against anxiety. Eat low fat diary, include more of vegetables, have whole grain. And at least 30 minutes of workout regularly.

Never stop learning

If you are feeling restless or bored try to get involved with some activity that will be close to your heart .it s never late to learn new things, but it is important that you remain glued to it and grab a greater experience.

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