Why is diabetes on the rise among youngsters?

India is slowly emerging as the diabetes capital of the world. And the disease once thought to be a condition prevalent among the rich or the elderly is becoming common young adults and children.

Though the prevalence of type1 diabetes in India is low but type 2 diabetes in India is increasing at an alarming rate .In type1 diabetes the body doesn’t make enough insulin because of a malfunctioning immune system. Type2 diabetes to mainly due to lifestyle disorder. It occurs when the body cannot use the release insulin or doesn’t make enough insulin leading to a sugar build up in the blood.

Individual in their 20s and 30s are becoming prone to type2 diabetes which can be attributed to their unhealthy lifestyle patterns such as unreasonable working hours, stress, lack of physical activity and consumption of fast food .Obesity is a major risk factor type2 diabetes particularly in children .Though diabetes cannot be cured completely it can be managed by making certain lifestyle changes and adopting healthy eating patterns. Managing type2 diabetes entails diet, exercise and mediation. Educate your children as they get older. This creates awareness that will help them when they are adults.

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