Are women better managers than men?

Today modern women is so deft and self-sufficient that she can be easily called a superwoman juggling many fronts single handily .Over the years women has come a long way and achieved notable progress .some of the leading ladies like Oprah Winfrey , Hillary Clinton, Priyanka Chopra etc  performs exceptionally well as a manger in the various sector as well as professions too. There are various reasons that makes women really good managers than men .women are emotional and they tend to use this feature which is really beneficial when in management position. They can easily react to the employees situation and react accordingly which as a result employee feels that he / she is been respected and valued. For instance many a time when an employee share about his/her daughter or son’s wedding or getting good grades in graduation that time female manager will defiantly react in such a manner that the employee feels homely and thinks that he/she is been respected . Similarly if an employee is in a problem the female manager can guide that person as a mother where really leaves a good impression .

Whereas men are considered as less emotional  and there decision is mostly based on facts and logic with less of emotional touch .they are mostly hot headed and naturally when it come to welfare issues they are not active .But female boss are much more gentle and soft they boost the employees to perform and excel .women are known to cultivate the potential that they see in other by nurturing that person.

As women boss are much more engaging and does a chit chat with the employees to know his/her whereabouts. For instance a female boss might be more interested how her employees child is doing at school and always boost and motivate .Female boss never fails to  praise for the good work. Thus a personal bond is shared  between the female boss and the employees working under her.

If we peep in politics we can see some beautiful ladies who have and still ruling the world with heads high like Indira Gandhi , Mamata Banerjee, Hillary Clinton etc they just sets an example how beautifully they have balanced.

Thus it can be said that women are better leaders than men the understanding and motherly nature makes a women a better  manger than men.

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