Benefits of brown rice

Our daily meals are incomplete without some form of rice .White rice is palatable but we add a lot of calories and unwanted carbohydrates. Whereas, the nutty flavour and the chewy texture of brown rice indicate towards its nutrition quotient. This healthy whole grain has the outer bran layer and germ intact so it contains a higher amount of fibre, vitamins and minerals. It’s not subjected to intense processing like white rice so it’s more nutritious and wholesome. Keeping this in mind, switch to brown rice instead of ditching rice completely. Here are the health benefits that you will reap when you add it to your daily diet.


Brown rice is rich in essential polyphenols, fibre and phytic acid. It is a complex carbohydrate that slows down the release of sugars. This keeps you healthy by controlling your blood sugar level.

Bone health

Brown rice is rich magnesium and calcium. It helps in maintaining the health of your bones and makes them strong and healthy.

Weight management

This rice helps to control obesity and body fats. It is rich in manganese and phosphorus. Fibre keeps you full for a long time and prevents unwanted craving.

Boosts energy

Magnesium in brown rice boosts your energy .It converts the carbohydrates and proteins into energy, which keeps you active for a long time.

Heart health

It prevents the blockage of arteries and reduces the risk of cardiac disorders like hypertension and vascular diseases.

Lower cholesterol

Brown rice reduces cholesterol level to a large extent. The fibre in it binds to the cholesterol in the digestive system and helps in its excretion.

Prevent gallstones

Brown rice is rich in fibre so it prevents in the risk of developing gallstones.

So switch to a healthy lifestyle that will definitely help you to maintain a well balanced and better lifestyle.

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