Foods for good heart health

Heart is the pump house of body is vitally responsible for body functions such as transportation of oxygen, hormones, protection from diseases, and regulation of body temperature. Now a day’s lifestyle and food habits leads to daily stress and hence cardiovascular disease is one of the most significant health issue faced by today’s mass .However preventive measures taken at the earlier stage can give your heart a good health.

Heart-related problems generally refer to the conditions that involve narrowed or blocked blood vessels that can lead to heart attack chest pain stroke. High blood pressure also affects heart health by reducing the pumping ability of the heart. Some of the healthy foods that can really help to protect your heart are as follows.

Whole grain – Whole grain cereals like brown rice, whole wheat flour, oatmeal are good source of fibre. These grains also contain folic acid vitamin B that is essential proctor guard of heart diseases.

Fish – fish is a good source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids which will benefit people one who are at risk and two who have cardiovascular diseases.

Low fat curd- Regular intake of curd helps to lower the risk of high blood pressure which is directly related to heart disease.

Apple – As the saying goes an apple a day keep a doctor away. An apple is really effective that reduces stress; improve blood pressure, lowering strokes and ultimately overall heart health.

Banana- It is rich in dietary fibres , vitamin C  and it support heart health

Green leafy vegetables – consuming green vegetables not only good for cardiovascular health but also for eye sight too. Usually leafy vegetables are rich in dietary fibres that help to regulate blood cholesterol level.

Nuts – nuts such as walnuts, almonds are very nutritious .It is rich in vitamin E, fibres, protein and magnesium

Green tea – It contain vital antioxidants which works as a protector of heart.

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