Foods those are beneficial to fight dengue

As per global statistics, dengue fever is prevalent worldwide but highest number of dengue cases is recorded in Asian continent, India being on top.

The common dengue fever is a flu spread by the bite of a mosquito. Dengue and dengue hemorrhagic fever is caused by any of the dengue family viruses. This fever is also widely known as ‘break bone fever’ due to the severe joint pain caused during the dengue attack. The most effective tip is to stay away from mosquitoes, stale water and always remember to drink  clean water .If unfortunately, you still get tested positive with dengue, here are some food items that will help you to recover fast:

Papaya: All we need to do is take two fresh papaya leaves, crush and squeeze them to extract the juice. The dengue patient should have two tablespoons of this juice every day either in the morning or the night. This is possibly the best home remedy for the treatment of this fever. Doctors and experts claims that papaya leaves are best for dengue patients even different dengue prevention medicines are made that carries ingredient of papaya.

Diet rich in protein– Dairy products, eggs, chicken, and fish are highly recommended foods for dengue patients to combat the dengue virus. Proteins should be included in the diet once the fever subsides slowly as protein rich diet helps in quick recovery and helps regaining the lost nutrients essential for body.

The Vegetarian diet -After fluid intake, most important additions in diet for dengue patients are almost all sorts of vegetables, particularly the fresh leafy vegetables. Care should be taken not to overcook the vegetables to keep the nutrients

Orange-One of the best citrus fruits for a dengue patient to consume is this. The orange juice is packed with energy and vitamins. The orange juice is great for digestion, which helps to increase the urinary output and consequently promotes antibodies for faster recovery.

Coconut Water-The best part is you get this everywhere. The patient must drink a lot of coconut water as it replenishes electrolytes, minerals and other trace minerals lost by the body to dehydration.

Fruit Juices-A good amount of Vitamin C foods for dengue fever is a must. Vitamin C is the single most important nutrient for the immune system and essential for the formation of adrenal hormones. It also has a direct effect on bacteria and viruses.

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