Friendship is the most important relationship in life


There are a lot of values people are inclined to consider the most important in life. One can believe that true love is the most vital, some may say family or relatives or some may say money. Well life without friends is just incomplete. Friends play a crucial role in life. The first argument for considering friendship as the most important value is that having friends is the most fundamental and widespread people’s need. It is true that everybody is not fortunate to get real friends but you have to choose those friends who really make you feel secure, important and accepted. Considering a real friendship it can be clearly said that friends know each other the best.

Friends can be really helpful in solving problems and making decisions, when you are in a confused situation. At times they understand you much better than anyone else because they have a large knowledge about you and your situation and they are more reasonable. They can be both, empathic and objective. Due to this, their suggestions are always worthy of consideration and often helpful. It is only partly true that People, who claim they are happy without friends next to them, are mostly liars who do not want to fess up to failure on the field of friendship. F

riends know the darkest and deepest secrets. Sometimes we need to be away from our family and our friends give us this time. Friendship is one of the vital values in life. Friends assure us in problematic situations, enjoy our happiness and are able to show appropriate point of view, when we feel adrift. And that is what we all need. We have some other relations in our life for example relations with our mother, father, wife, husband but friendships are the loveliest ones.

We feel more relaxed in a circle of friends. We tell our friends the darkest and deepest secrets. Sometimes we need to be away from our family and our friends give us this time. Our friends put themselves in our shoes simply because we are of the same generations. We have the same desires and feelings. We have the same point of views.

So we can help each other more than others. But besides all these bright sides we should be very careful about finding our friends. Everyone is not worth being friends. We can tell our friends our secrets but not every secret.

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