Fruits that relieve constipation

Fruits are nature’s gift of taste and colour. There are different types of fruits that are very beneficial to maintain a healthy life. These days people suffers from constipation problem due to the lifestyle so in such a situation fruits play a vital role to give  a relief to some extend to this constipation problem . There are various fruits that are rich in fiber while some are high water content. The types of fruits that prevent constipation the list are endless  so here  we will discussed about some fruits that will cure constipation problem .


Banana contents nutritious value and it is easily digestible and very beneficial for your health. They are rich in fiber potassium and vitamins. Every day one banana will help in proper stool. Always have ripe bananas that is good for constipation


As there is a saying an apple a day keeps doctor away but here an apple a day truly helps in curing constipation. They are rich in vitamins and fibre. It helps to soften your stool and relieves from constipation.


Oranges contains significant fibres that soften stool it is also rich in vitamin C which has laxative proprieties and it is also good amount of water essential for easing constipation.


This is less expensive delicious fruit that contains plenty of vitamin and dietary fibre. Half of this fibre is found on the skin so never peel of the fibre in order to get maximum benefit.


These low calorie fruits that are loaded with fibre and essential nutrients . Eating a cup of blackberries make your bowel movement soft and erase constipation.



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