Green greenery your city

What is the use of a house if you don’t have a decent city to put it on this quotation by Henry David Thoreau aptly suits out here. Green space is very essential to live a healthy life in city. 180000 people are moving to the world’s cities every day 7.5% of the global population is expected to be living urban lives by 2050.That concentrations makes cities massive contributors to overall level of pollution and co2.

In this modernized era if we look in and around different cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore or other cities where you can witness deforestation rather than afforestation .With the passage of time you can see that all the vacant lands are purchased by the promoters and flats are constructed. Trees are just cut for construction purpose and even for making furniture .These days you can see the city of joy has also engulfed this flat culture too. Kolkata is such a city which is both for rich as well as poor and the poor people comes to Kolkata to earn their livelihood as a result due to fast enhancement of population  pollution increases .Not only poor section, the rich and upper middle class people contributes a lot in polluting the city  because now a day’s almost everybody has a private car and these car produces smokes which produces smokes and which leads to pollution and finally global warming which harms the trees , plants , forest and even skin which leads to skin cancer.

People these days are educated so they should take initiative to make city green by planting. Atleast every house must plant trees and also encourage the community too. Preservation of flora is very much important to build the natures beauty .Parents should encourage their children to plant tree instead of playing games in computer . No doubt this days school also observe world environment day and aware students the importance of planting through various dance, dramas and songs.

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