Handle with care winter arthritis

Winter is in and it is the season to freeze and if you have arthritis then you experience increased aches and pains in your joints and muscles. When the mercury levels drop you need to manage your arthritis pain. The cold weather is the trigger! Use these tips to get relief from winter aches

Eat properly

Eat a healthy, balanced diet .Include fresh fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, spinach, orange and cabbage. They are rich in antioxidants which reduce inflammation in the body .Include omega3 fatty acids rich food like walnuts, soybeans and fatty fish to reduce joint pain and stiffness. Remember to avoid artificial sweeteners and red meat as they aggravate inflammation and arthritis related issue.

Drink lot of water

Keep yourself hydrated .Drink plenty of water to stay active. Mild dehydration can make you more sensitive to pain.

Stay active

Regular movement keeps your limbs going. Do some indoor workout. Exercising and eating right is very essential it keeps you in shape and makes your joint flexible. Exercise helps people with arthritis to keep their pain at bay. It helps to maintain bone strength and combat fatigue.

Weight management

Are your overweight? Then it is essential to shed few kilos that will help you to fight back against the pain. Weight management diminishes the stress on your joint, increases mobility, decreases pain and prevent damage to the joints.

Intake vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency affects your bones, joints and overall health . So it is advisable to take vitamin D .Get some sunshine the natural source of vitaminD or take some supplement which is rich in vitamin D and yes do take after consulting doctor.

Use oil

It very essential to use oil like lavender ,chamomile on the affected areas to get some relief.

Stay warm

If you suffer from winter joint pain, make sure you keep yourself warm. Wear proper warm clothes and gloves keep you warm .Use warm water while bathing. It is very beneficial to reduce joint pain.

Hope these tips would be beneficial for those who are suffering from this arthritis and try to follow it religiously.


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