Immediate and long term effect of exercise

Gone are those days where people sit down on rocking chair or cosy sofa. Now days we live a fast paced lifestyle and there fall a great deal of importance of exercise in our daily life. Well these days we still find people are coming forward in order to maintain their health. At least 30 mins workout everyday will give a great benefit.

Immediate effect

  1. When you exercise the amount of blood pumped in your heart per beat increases the heart rate which prevents a stroke.
  2. As you sweat more it increases blood flow to skin which helps to maintain a safe body temperature.
  3. Exercise improves the ability to extract oxygen from air during workout session
  4. It increase the level of neurotransmitters which leads to increase blood flow to the brain

Long term effect

  1. It renders in deceasing body fat
  2. It reduces risk of cancer
  3. It increases bone density
  4. Prevents coronary heart disease
  5. Reduces stroke and heart disease

Thus exercising and eating right is a big challenge and if you can follow it religiously trust me you will definitely say goodbye to different health issues like diabetics which is one the major disease that especially Indians are suffering. Diabetic is basically the root of all the major disease like kidney failure or eye problem etc. Thus exercising regularly is crucial no matter how much we are busy we should never skip to do it.

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