Impact of social media on Gen Y

In recent time social media have gained an outstanding growth and popularity throughout the world. It contributes a remarkable change specially on Gen Y (Generation Y) by improving the way to communicate with each other through a dozens of websites like facebook, twitter, instagram etc. which help a person to know each other.   If we  peep back in the 19th century simple outdoor games such as basketball, football ,hide and go –seek etc. brought joy across the world, but these days we get to see a different scenario .The Gen Y spend more time on social media for gaming, chatting, discussing different ongoing social issues etc. sitting at home . They express themselves through social media.

Social media is the top form of communication among Gen Y. The development of various social media sites are to some extent  fruitful in spreading news and reaching out to the masses at cheap cost or sometime at free of cost  with the help of wi fi facilities. It is quite convenient and approachable pathway to connect with their loved ones and share their thoughts, experience, and fears with them in this modern dynamic day. Basically social media sites have become personal diary of the most Gen Y.

Several characteristics of a social networking site.

1. Many people can access this social networking site through iPhone, Android Phone, Tab, Laptop or other electronic gadgets. They can expertise their profile through posting any comment, uploading a photo, text or scrap posting, uploading of music and video in their profile to make the profile more attractive in front of their Facebook friends.

2. Users may choose to communicate and stay connected with friends who are staying far away from them.

3. Personal profile is very easy to make one has to go to the homepage of Facebook  or other sites and there is no registration fee and the new users can create their profile or join with others in social community very easily.

4. It gives a platform to discuss about different ongoing issues and comment on it.


1. Staying connected with near and dear ones

2. Finding people with common interest

3. Fast spread of information


1. Causing major relationship problem

2. Addictive

3. Cyber bulling                                                                   

At the end of the discussion it is evident that social networking site has a great medium for communication among Gen Y. Therefore, due to improvement of technological advancement, younger generations access the internet and this site regularly at a large percentage. Sometimes this networking site is very essential to raise human voice against any kind of violation or corruption.

However, through the Facebook  or other social media sites people are more aware about the contemporary issues of the society and they can express their point of view. However, through this site have a lot of advantages but some disadvantages facts are there, where some cyber crime, corruption or antisocial activities takes place and it might be harmful for the society.

At the end it can be said that through this social networking site carries certain demerits but all its flaws get covered through its merits. Its beneficial advantages it is friendlier as people can regularly meet for a while whether they don’t have enough time to meet in real and it make a platform for eco-communication.



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