Job crisis in India

India falls under the developing countries but still it has achieved lots in its credits but at the same time still India is the place where Job crisis or Unemployment is a serious problem. It is becoming more and more serious issue with each passage of time. India has the population of about 1.20 billion. Many of the Indians are jobless. The problem of unemployment is rising fast.

Many age-old businesses that are not able to cope-up with the changing demand and economic scenario are either closed down or heavy retrenchment takes place in them. When there is slump in business, many people find themselves without jobs.

Though a number of young people have been absorbed in the Information Technology businesses, a large number of youth people are still unemployed.


  • Population explosion
  • lack of vocational and technical education
  • People from rural areas have developed a tendency to migrate to the cities for office jobs. They find little interest in self-employment schemes.
  • Due to the lack of practical knowledge, thousands of graduates, post graduates, qualified engineers remain idle
  • Many people are physically weak
  • Many people shy at this hard job of factory labour.
  • Some people have a weakness for white-collared job. They prefer the security of a clerkship on small salary. They are against joining business that requires them to put some capital at risk. The uncertainties of business frighten them.
  • There are various social prejudices against certain profession. The son of a rich man will think that his prestige will be lowered if he sets up a shop in a street corner.
  • Though India has good progress in the sphere of industrialization, it has not equally distributed across diverse geographical locations of India. Under-industrialized regions cannot absorb many people.

The problem of unemployment cries for immediate solution. If sincere attempts are made the problem may be solved.

  • People should be made aware of the benefits of population control.
  • The Government should open more training centers for vocational education. Young men with special training from these centers can easily fit in any industrial undertaking.
  • The Government should try for rapid industrialization in under-industrialized regions of the country and create more opportunities for employment.
  • The village and cottage industry should be developed. If the villages become sufficient in their economy the villagers would not run to the cities in search of jobs.
  • Our young men should build up new industries, form co-operative societies and go in for agriculture.
  • Rural people should be taught better methods of agriculture.
  • Loan facilities should be extended among the unemployed youths so that they may set up small industries.

Well government has too come forward with different schemes to remove unemployment. They are

 Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP):

In 1978-79, government of India introduced IRDP to create full employment opportunities in rural areas. Under this programme agriculture, animal husbandry, forests, fisheries, small and cottage industries, construction of roads and canals etc. are to be developed in all the 5111 development blocks.

Moreover, to provide more employment, in the Seventh Plan a sum of Rs. 312 crores was spent on this programme. It benefited 182 lakh families. In 1995- 96 about 21 lakh families have been benefited.

Jawahar Rozgar Yojana:

The Jawahar Rozgar Yojana was started on 28th April 1989. The objective of this Yojana is to provide employment to at least one member of each poor rural family for fifty to a hundred days a year at a work place near his residence. A special feature of the scheme is that 30% of the employment generated will be reserved for women.

The Central government will finance 80% of the programme and the state government will have to bear only 20% of the expenditure of this scheme. In 1989, National Rural Employment Programme and Rural Landless Employment Guarantee Programmes were merged in the yojana.

Small and Cottage Industries:

In order to reduce unemployment, government if has made special efforts to develop small and cottage industries. In 1995-96 about 33 lakh persons were employed in these industries.

But one think must be kept in mind that self help is the best help. We can’t deny the fact the government has come forward to fight against unemployed but it totally on the people how they will excel by grabbing different opportunity and make one independent.



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