Ladies stay fit and healthy at your workplace with few easy tips

Health care is hot topic these days and the personal health and wellness industry is booming .With health care reform, some companies are seriously looking at ways to promote wellness and preventive health measures for their employees, specially women. We bring to you a few practices that can help you stay healthy at work.

Wash your hands quite often

Washing your hands is very essential that can really help your to keep bay from different illness. Although many people don’t  take it seriously as they should. Always wash your hands before you eat and after using washroom and off course after sneezing or coughing.

Keep your workspace clean

The average desk harbours hundreds of times more bacteria than a toilet seat- pretty gross , right ?Keep your work area neat and organised . Tidy up at the end of end day for five minutes. Keep sanitising wipes and spray at your desk

Drink more water

Water plays a crucial role to your productivity, energy levels and health. It keeps you hydrated and refreshing. Buy a large bottle that you can keep at your desk and refill throughout the day.

Keep a hand sanitizer at your desk

There are different times when it is best to wash your hands – however it’s quite understandable that during the workday it’s not always possible to do so. In those cases such as after sneezing or coughing, immediately use hand sanitizer. Keep some handy at your desk, so it can be applied immediately and used in between hand washings when needed.

Avoid others who are not feeling well or exhibit symptoms of illness

Whenever possible avoid close interactions with others who may be sick. Wash your hands after spending time at or near the work space of someone who is sick, sneezing or coughing. Also, make sure that management is aware if someone is coming to work sick, as it’s best for all if they stay home to rest and recover where there is no concern of infecting those nearby.

Eat well, including light, healthy lunches

Plan out the meal for a week including what you eat for lunch .make sure to include some salad, fresh veggies and fruits for lasting energy.

Limit your caffeine intake

Try to reduce your intake to one cup each morning to avoid a caffeine crash later on. You can greatly reduce intake f drinking coffee without cream or sugar. This may help you improve your health.

Manage stress properly

To be effective to work healthy try to manage your stress level. Go for occasional spa; give time to your family. And make sure to take care of yourself.


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