Life of women in metro cities

These days India is undergoing a painful and torturous transition where women they can’t really feel safe late evening while travelling in metro cities.

Every year from different corners of the world women or girls stays in various metro cities like Kolkata, Delhi , Mumbai ,Chennai ,bengaluru to pursue their studies or job or may have got married. Some 20 years ago Kolkata, Chennai, ahmebabad women were rarely abused or attacked in public so long as they conformed to certain roles. Yes , new delhi were most unsafe whereas Mumbai or Bangalore women did not have to wear the sari or salwar kamaaz to fell safe. If they were more comfortable travelling in western dress they were not subject to hisses or glares. Both cities also had prominent and successful women entrepreneurs. But twenty years later now we can see a total change in scenario women are no safer in metro.

They are often being victims of:

1. Gang Rape

2. Molestation

3. Verbal abuses

4. Kidnapping

5. Dowry death

Just as the coin has two sides similarly metro cities have ushered people which includes lots of facilities

1. Top class educational institution

2. Good travelling facilities

3. Good medical facilities

4. Better lifestyle

5. Malls, parks ,amusement places

Some of the ladies whose fortune was changed in metro cities like Vidya balan , Priyanka Chopra , Kanganna Ranaut etc.

Hence it can said that no doubt metro cities carries certain flaws but at the same time it helps people specially the women to climb the ladder of success be it in any field and flourish her near future.




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