Multiplex culture

In the fast track life day to day people are becoming more up to dated .Now a days we find multiplex culture not only in cities but also in towns too. Some of the renowned multiplexes are PVR , big cinemas ,Inox etc. The Indian multiplex is not just about watching films in different atmosphere rather it has changed the kind of films we watch.

People now a day’s don’t like to sit at home and watch movies rather they prefer to watch it on any multiplex be it on 2D or 3D .Multiplexes are quite good zone to watch movies in a great comfort . The hall contains approx. 200 seats. The growth in multiplexes over the next year, indeed, in the years to come, will be driven by malls. Multiplexes are an integral part of malls today.

The Multiplex Association of India estimates that there are around 900 multiplex screens in India. By April next year, the count will increase to 1,350.We find inox, etc in different leading shopping centres so when the customers goes for a shopping they even jumps to purchase tickets of the latest movie for entertaining themselves. Conversely, multiplex chains are no longer looking at independent properties. Big Cinemas and some others tried that route, acquiring single screens and converting them into multiplexes. These days Megaplexes may benefit when a film has a wide release. For instance, Don 2, Bodyguard and Ra.One were released with over 2,500 prints. Assured of a ticket, moviegoers may flock to a megaplex. This could make a big difference during the first week of a film’s release, always the most profitable.

Hence entrainment industry is growing in a great speed and the revenue which is earned from the multiples is much more than that of single screen theatre. So definitely multiplex culture is grooving all over the country.

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