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In our country a degree in engineering and medical is still very popular among people both parents and students. After completing 12th most bright students opt for science stream so that they can pursue one of these much coveted career choices. But thankfully this trend is slowly changing with youngsters opting for new courses. Another positive sign is that most of the parents seem to be fine with it. There are many new courses that are available in India today. Its time students decide to take the road less travelled and get themselves enrolled in one of the offbeat fields to become a successful in career.

Here are some of the popular offbeat careers that are trending


There are more to photography than just possessing a high end camera and clicking a couple of social media worthy nice images. But if you have the inclination, you can hone your skill under an expert as photography involves a lot of technique. To know whether you have it or not  attend a short-term workshop to decide if you really want to take it up as a career.

Product designing

As we witness fierce competition among companies to grab the attention of consumers demand for good product designers has been increasing really fast. With a range of products from mobile phones to footwear, its scope has grown immensely. The best thing about product designing as a career is the creative satisfaction it can give to a student.

Event management

Students can go places as event managers if they have the knack to put together things in a professionally. Be it birthday or some destination wedding the scope of event management is quite huge. If you have a management degree, its good but you can also join some event management firm as a trainee to learn the ropes.

Culinary Art

If you love to experiment with cooking and come up with new recipes often you can consider a career in culinary art. There is huge demand for chefs as the hotel industry has witnesses’ good growth. Also as the trend of eating  out is quite popular in India.

Fitness trainers

With changing lifestyle and the increased focus on fitness in the country, the scope of a career as fitness trainers has grown manifold. From working at a gym to being a personal trainer of a celebrity, the future can be quite bright for those who love being in the fitness space.

These days while many options are available to shine in the career so schools and colleges should come up to encourage students for opting different offbeat courses as mentioned above and make them successful in the arena that they love.


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