Oral care for diabetics

Diabetics affect your body’s capability to process sugar. The food you eat is converted to sugar and used for energy. Type1 diabetes is where your body doesn’t make enough insulin and in type2  diabetes your body stops responding to insulin .In both the cases blood sugar level causes trouble with your eyes, nerves ,kidney and other parts of your body .Coming to oral care diabetes put you to dental problem it reduces to fight oral bacteria and contributes to gum disease.

Signs of a gum disease

1. Redness ,swelling and bleeding of gums

2. Loose tooth

3. Bad breath

4. Pain

Basic steps for oral care

1. Brush properly – Bacteria in mouth builds up plaque and leads to infection. So brush your teeth properly twice a day and brush your gum and tongue to keep your breath fresh.

2. Stop plague build –up – Plague is comprised of food and bacteria that start to form after you eat. It releases acids that attack tooth enamel and if untreated it causes inflammation and leads to gum disease.

3. Flossing – floss can reach between the teeth where brush cant .it will help you from cavity formation

4.  Rinsing – always use an anti-bacterial mouthwash .Rising your mouth will help to remove different gum disease and will always keep you fresh.

Control your blood sugar

It very important to control your blood sugar level because sugar is the root of different disease and it also leads to dental problem too.

Lastly it is essential to consult doctor when you are facing any dental related issues instead of ignoring it. And it is advisable that it’s good to go for an oral check up at least after every six months

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