Oral care for your beloved pets

We talk about health, nutrition of our pets take them to vet and take proper care but often we forget one of the vital parts that is the dental care. How would we feel if we didn’t brush our teeth regularly or may be months the teeth would look all dirty well same case is with your pet too. Your pet is no different .if you are overlooking their dental care you are ignoring an important part of your pet’s overall health and wellness.

Significance of oral hygiene

Ever since you have started domesticating cats and dogs, due to lack of oral hygiene, a lot of pets end up suffering from dental disease. According to a study almost 80% of your pets suffer dental disease after three years .Without proper dental care plaque builds up .Plaque eventually turns to tartar, and quickly forms small pockets where an animal’s gums meet its teeth. The gums can separate from the tooth this allows more bacteria and food to accumulate and this build-up leads to periodontal disease. This in turn leads t serious disease like heart, lung and kidney disease if it is left untreated.

Being a parent of the pet the owner should identify whether their pet is suffering from any oral issues like chewing problem, bad smell from mouth, chronic pain in teeth .As pets can’t talk like human so you have to properly notice and figure out the problem.

Managing dental problem

1. Brush teeth daily- regularly brushing is very essential in order to maintain your pets’ oral hygiene and keep away from all the gum diseases. Use a nylon brush; dip it into the toothpaste made for dogs start brushing your pet in downward motion on the top teeth and upward motion on lower teeth the same way you brush your own teeth. Treat your pet as your little child while brushing .Keep in mind never use toothpastes made for humans, which can cause nausea in dogs if swallowed.

2. Vet check up- have your pet teeth check up and clean at least twice a year by a veterinarian. This will help you to diagnose the problem at the initial stage and mange a major infection

3. Nutritious diet – Just like a human being it is very essential for your pet to have a nutritious diet to keep his teeth healthy. Having a quality food will help to nourish his body. A dry diet is really very effective for oral health of your dogs and cats.

4. Chew toys and snacks – Chew toys and snacks are great supplement to brushing so never stop doing that rather give him toys to avoid teeth problems.

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