Personal hygiene the key to good health

Personal hygiene plays a crucial role in every aspect of your life it keeps oneself nourished and fresh on a daily basis. As the saying goes “Practicing good body hygiene helps you feel good about yourself which is important for your mental health.”

When you are clean and tidy you feel better and it gives you positive energy, confidence. Well some of the basic personal hygiene that one should follow

  • Brush your teeth twice
  • Shampoo and conditioning your hair is a must every alternative day
  • Shave regularly
  • Wash hands before every meal
  • Trim your nails
  • Put clean underwear

These habits will lead to have a better life and keep you away from different viruses, bacteria and illnesses away.

  • Brushing your teeth twice will prevent your teeth from gum infection, chronic mouth pain. People will see your white teeth and you will feel confident to intact.
  • Prevent diseases – maintaining good hygiene will lower health cost. So washing your hand before and after meal is a must and one should nervier forget this step rather follow it religiously.
  • Washing hair – Washing hair is important because it will prevent you from dandruff other scalp diseases.

Apart from above mentioned reasons there are also other reason like

  • It is very important practice of maintain good hygiene for social and professional acceptance too if a personal looks dirty and smelly then that person is not accepted properly.
  • A person with dirty habits and odour are not accepted in social gathering too. It effects other people and makes that person feel unwanted and neglected.
  • Food hygiene is also extremely important to use clean plates, spoons, knives for serving food and wash clean hands before eating; this will ensure that you don’t fall ill.

Thus all this good habit makes a man complete and off course disease free to some extent.

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