Significance of visual communication in our daily life

Visual communication is a communication through a visual aid for convey of ideas and information. Visual communication is apart or whole vision that represent two dimensional images that includes graphs, design, illustration, advertising, animation etc. It’s also explored the idea that visual message accompanying text has a greater power to inform, educate or persuade a person or audience.

Visual presentation of information and data is having an increasing impact on our practical life. In spite of having impact on our life, visual communication is not alone sufficient for exchanging information. For example to indicate ‘danger’ we use red sign, to indicate ‘no smoking’; we use an image showing a lighted cigarette with across mark on it etc. However these visual aids are often use to help audience of informative and persuasive speeches under a particular topic.

Visual aids play a large role for imparting information to a mass audience in a very under stable nature. There are many different types of visual aids that are from handouts to power point.

Types of visual aids

Object – the use of direct as visual aids involves the bringing the actual object to demonstrate on during the speech.

Models – models are representations of object uses as a form of real replica

Graphs – graphics are used to visualize relationship between different quantities.

Maps – maps show geographic area or location of something

Tables- tables are columns and rows that organise words,symbols or data

Photographs – photographs are good tools to make or emphasize a point or to explain a topic.

Advantages of visual communication

Now-a-days, most of the business organizations are using visual techniques to present the information. It is becoming very popular day by day. Visual presentation is beneficial for many reasons. Some of them are as follows:

Effective for illiterate receiver: If the receivers are illiterate, the visual communication will be more effective to exchange information. They can easily understand the information that is presented visually.

Helps in oral communication: Visual techniques can be used with oral communication. Oral communication becomes more meaningful if graphs, pictures and diagrams are used with it.

Easy explanation: Everyone can explain the meaning of it very easily. Easy explanation has made the visual techniques more popular.

Simple presentation: Complex information, data and figures can be easily presented very simply on graphs, pictures and diagrams.

Prevents wastage of time: Visual techniques help to prevent the wastage of time. Written and oral communication takes much time to exchange information. But number of receivers can be communicated at a time through visual methods.

Helps in quick decision: Visual communication helps to take quick decision. So management prefers visual techniques to communicate with others.

Popular: Visual communication is very much popular because people do not like much speech and long explanation rather than a chart of a diagram


  1. Costly: The visual methods of communication are more costly than those of other methods. To draw maps, charts, diagram is costly. That is why only large company or organization can use this technique.
  2. Complex presentation: Sometimes visual presentation of information becomes complex. The receivers cannot understand the meaning of the presentation.
  3. Incomplete method: This technique is considered as an incomplete method. Visual presentation is not sufficient to communicate effectively and clearly but also it can be successfully used with oral communication.
  4. Wastage of time: Sometimes visual techniques take much time to communicate.
  5. Difficult to understand: Difficult to understand and requires a lot of repetitions in visual communication. Since it uses gestures, facial expressions, eye contact, touch etc. for communicating with others which may not be understandable for the simple and foolish people.
  6. Problem for general readers: General people are not prefers to communicate through visual communication with others. Sometimes it cannot create an impression upon people or listeners. It is less influential and cannot be used everywhere.

The evaluation of good visual communication is necessary for imparting information and ideas in a very easy to adoptable method for increasing global and regional level awareness. It also helps to expand global hub or business. The view of images or graphics creates interest in development and enhancing the upliftment of the society.


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