Skin care secrets for winter

Winter is around and we are quite aware of the fact it is the season of dry skin too so girls definitely need some backup to maintain their beautiful skin during winters. Skin flaking, Itchiness are quite normal! And if we neglect daily care then skin may show signs of red patches, sensitivity. So it’s time to pamper your skin by moisturizing it and get a flawless skin even during winters.

Some of the popular tips you should keep in mind that can really make your skin look healthy even during winter months

Normal to dry skin – For this type of skin use cleanser that contains Aloe Vera, and lemons. Aloe Vera carries a great healing properties and it moistures really well. It even accelerates cell regeneration and delays the ageing process


During winter your skin becomes dull and dry and it’s the high time to keep your skin moisturised. People who have oily skin they too should use oil free moisturiser but never skip this step because it is very essential after cleansing your skin that will make your skin soft and smooth

Nourishing your skin

Apply anti ageing cream keep in mind that your cream should contain vitamin A and E .Massage your cream in upward strokes never do it in downward manner. Vitamin A will produce healthy skin cell and vitamin e will fight against wrinkle and give your skin a radiant young look.

Apply sunscreen

During winters you might love to enjoy the sun but as again your skin is important too and you can’t really play with it so it’s advisable to use sunscreen when you are outside. Use sunscreen at least 15mins before leaving your home and if your are outside for a prolong period then reapply it again.

Use face mask

To keep your skin glowing there are some simple winter homemade face pack like banana and milk pack, yogurt face pack, carrot and honey face pack. All these are really beneficial face mask during this party season.

Pamper your cracked skin

Your feet is mostly neglected when it comes to skin care but one should religiously follow a perfect routine to fight against cracked skin just like you maintain your daily skin care routine . Soak your feet in warm water for around 10 minutes  then scrub it with lemon and pumice stone after that dry your feet and then apply a good moisturiser do this at least twice a week for best results.

Other then these during winters try to take bath in hot water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables drink lot of water that will always keep you hydrated and yes enjoy this mesmerising month of winter.

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