Stay fresh in winter without showering

Say hi to winter days! Winter is all in and it is definitely giving you a feel of chill and charm. It’s the time for good food, comfort and creeping laziness. These are freezing days, when you just don’t want to take a shower but then how to escape the unclean feeling that stubbornly clings you on those no-shower days? Even though we won’t advice you against bathing during winter, it is only humane to bow down to life’s little sins.

Here are some vital tips to look clean and fresh in the frosty months. Just follow these tips

Change your clothes regularly

Wear a fresh set of clothes every day. Your clothes especially your undergarments, must be made up of cotton. This will prevent odour from swear.

Say no to body odour

Use anti bacterial body spray and essential oil to keep yourself fresh.

Care for your face

Use mild cleanser daily to remove dirt and off course scrub your skin

Bath without water

Various cleansing body lotion is available in the market grab one and apply it to keep yourself fresh and use a dab of soap and wet cloth to quickly clean your underarms.

Use wipers

Use baby or organic wipes on the oily parts of your body to remove dirts, oil and dust and apply olive oil to prevent clogged skin pores and moisturize your skin.

Look after your feet

Apply tea tree oil on your feet and spray deo to keep your foot odour at bay.

With all this handy tips feel fresh even in winters.



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