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These days we finds parents are very conscious regarding their child and they sent their kids to preschool and Attending a preschool is very essentially for your child’s first experience outside the comfort and security of their homes. Therefore, it should be a place which feels like a second home to your child; a place that he/she wants to visit and spend time at every day. These experiences go a long way in making a bright future ahead .

Choosing a right preschool plays a crucial role so enrol your child in an established preschool for development. There are many pre schools in different places which help to excel your kids all round development. Pre schools aims in holistic development of a child’s social, emotional and physical needs to build a broad foundation for lifelong learning.

Here are some of the reasons why really pre schools are important to help in the development of the child-

Provides an opportunity for growth:A preschool provides them their first experience with teachers and other children. It’s an opportunity to learn, share, follow instructions and start constructing the foundation of learning.

Express themselves:  Pre-schools will focus on the child’s communication and also notice how much a child is comfortable with the teachers as well his or her fellow mates , and follow instructions.

 Interpersonal & social: Another aspect why a pre-school is important for         the child is that considering the shrinking family sizes, a child does not get enough opportunities to meet and interact with other children This is what a pre-school environment teaches  how to interact with friends family and acquaintance before getting  lost in the crowd.

Exploration & wonder: Most pre-schools make a environment where the kids can explore themselves without fear. They not only aim to teach the child the theories or science, but simply making the child aware of environment so that can relate better with it, and understand it.

Take care of themselves: A child’s sense of competence and self-worth grows as they learn to take care of themselves and help others. Children are expected to wash their hands before snack time, keep personal belongings in and put away toys before moving to a new activity.

Encourage Creativity: Children get more opportunities to build their creative minds through unique activities designed by preschool teachers.

Focus on cognitive development: A pre-school teaches children some simple concepts of life Children get to learn new concepts like painting, recognising shapes etc which will help them to prepare there near life.

Therefore it can be said that a preschool is the foundation of your child’s step towards education so pick a school that has a good reputation, has been around for some time, and has a good feedback from parents.


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