Techniques to rejuvenate yourself

These days we are bombarded with various information on different issues in such a scenario stress do comes automatically but you can get relief from stress  by giving time to yourself by following some mindful meditation technique.

Meditation is gaining fast popularity these days. A regular 30mins meditation makes you calm, helps you to stay focused, relieves your stress , maintain your blood pressure and anxiety level . But do you know in order to do meditation you need to sit at one place. If you have shortage of time then you can easily do it while travelling or even at office.

Sounds funny but here are some effective technique that will be really beneficial

Hold your hands

Tightly squeeze your hands into a fist and count 30 and let go. Repeat this exercise for as many time possible it will keep your mind clam and helps you to stay focused.

Focus technique

Pick any object and stay focused on it don’t be judgemental. The things may be anything be it a scenery or children, trees etc. sit patiently and just focus on it. It will help you to learn to live with the flow and accept things as they come.

Music therapy

Music is a therapy itself and it can instantly uplift your mood. Whenever you are depressed music sets your mood. It is really a natural healing process and gives you energy and helps to deal with emotions which is really effective

Sense with smell

It is yet easy form of concentration. Smell something strong like coffee beans or lavender. Pay attention to what it does to your nose. Try to focus on that emotion. This therapy help your mind to focus  on the scent.




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