Travel beauty tips

Everyone wants to look good and fresh while we go on a vacation. But sun long road trip makes us look dull and messy  but we can’t let it happen  because  we are in the age  where  we always h have to look perfect and  keep on clicking poses  . Before packing your bags for a trip carry some necessities item that will be really helpful to rejuvenate yourself.

Some of the tips that you must apply

Makeup – all you need is a lipstick or a gloss a powder brush and an eyeliner. The trick is to pick the colour that go with your travelling wardrobe and which look great on you

Basics – if black is your favourite colour then match lipstick accordingly and use black eyeliner and blue eyeliner.

Clothes – you can’t carry an iron but at the same time you need a wrinkle free clothes too so try to wear silk , cotton based blend as linen  because they can mould on you as you wear them and look natural even after a 5 hours of hectic journey .

Sunscreen– Never forget to apply sunscreen it is a must whenever you step out. If you are travelling in the sun or you are off to some tropical region or location which is quite sunny then protecting your skin from UV rays is very essential. Finding a good sunscreen is very important.

Serum – hair serum play a vital role it keep your hair shiny throughout your journey. And you can use it anytime and comes in pocket friendly bottle.

Facial blotting paper – If you are going somewhere where the climate is pretty humid then you will be applying a suntan lotion to your face. This can sometimes make normal skin oily so carry a facial blotting papers and dab your T-zone to remove oil and look fresh .


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