Vegetarian diet vs. Non Vegetarian diet

Since few decades Vegetarian diet vs. Non-Vegetarian diet is an ongoing worldwide debate. A person’s choice of diet reflects his cultural or religious identity. It has been introduced in the childhood itself. Things which been taught to the child is according to the aspects of the parents religion or caste or society. In this way the child learns to follow the diet (veg/non-veg). As a grown man the choice of food may change due to certain reasons like dietary habits, taste, desire, some health conditions.

Basically there are two types of diet

  1. Vegetarian diet
  2. Non- veg diet

Firstly we will discuss about vegetarian diet that includes only fruits and vegetables, no dairy products, onions, garlic, and most of the spices that are used in non-veg recipe. Even dairy products are also included.

Similarly in case of non- veg diet it includes only fish, meat and dairy products along with veg diet is added .Selective meat item is consumed (chicken, mutton, Turkey).

Well there are various merits in vegetarian diet

  1. Veg diet is rich in minerals and vitamins; important to maintain the health of our body.
  2. Fibre content is rich in the vegetarian diet.
  3. Increases the lifespan of the person
  4. Reduces the risk of chronic diseases and some cancer specifically colon and lung cancer.

Merits in non veg diet

  1. High protein is obtained from the non-veg diet.
  2. Rich in certain amino acids which body cannot produce by own.
  3. The risk of prone to anaemia is reduced.

Though it has been found that a vegetarian diet doesn’t have required amount of iron & zinc; also lacks in Vitamin B12 which results in a deficiency. Protein required to build the body muscles is less in a veg diet. It can be compensated by taking soya beans, groundnuts, Yogurt/yoghurt, lentils, mushroom. Whereas non-vegetarians are at high risk of getting a chronic disease, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and have less lifespan than vegetarian because of taking less amount of fruits & vegetables and no exercise. Fibre content is very much that results in obesity.

We all know what obesity does to our health it is basically the root of different diseases. Non-vegetarian are prone to life-threatening disease that doesn’t mean vegetarians are safe. As lifestyle is changed food habit is also changed to fast and fried food. So the risk of getting the disease is equal to both. Having well-balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and a moderate amount of meat is good for health. So choose a balance diet that will definitely fetch you a good health because anything too much is not good so think wisely and have accordingly and thus the debate still remains.

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