Winter precaution

Winter means party spirits and it’s the high time of holiday mood where everybody is grooving themselves to make this new year eve successful with full of joy, laughter and enthusiasm .

Everybody wants there year ending to be happy. Well in winters not to forget picnic, family get together which is a must. Party hard as much as you can but never forget to take care of your health as the saying goes “health is wealth”. Some of the precautions one must follow:

  1. Avoid over consumption of alcohol

When you are partying hard don’t consume too much of alcohol which will severely affect your health.

  1. Power nap

Quick nap is really very effective like for around 40mins that will give you energy but make sure u don’t sleep much or else will make you feel lazy.

  1. Exercise

Yoga walk and a little bit of exercise in morning will give you relief from the stress

  1. Hydrated your skin and body

During winter people drink water less but it’s not correct one should drink at least 6 to 7 glass of water to keep themselves hydrated

  1. Skin care routine

No matter how much you are tired need go to bed without removing your makeup so follow religious the routine of cleansing toning and moisturising.

  1. Keep tab on what you eat

It’s a party season so naturally we tend to eat outside spicy and rich food. But when you are not partying try to have vegetables and drink all of water that will boost your immune system and keep you hydrated.

So people gear up your festive mood and enjoy it with full of excitement, light, love and joy.

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