Winter the season of festival

Beautiful, mesmerizing, pleasant, romantic, enthralling if we club up these entire adjectives together yes these describes the season of festival i.e winter. The winter is one of the most important seasons. This season comes after the rainy season. Winter stays in our country for about three months. The whole atmosphere is cold in this season. Nights are long and days are short. The cold winds blow all the time. The sky often remains clear. Sometimes it rains during this season. Dew drops at night. There is fog in the morning. As soon as the winter starts we get to see the different scenario or life-style of the people.

It’s the season of celebration, joy, laughter and happiness. People celebrate this chilly season whole heartedly different sort of carnivals starts in this soothing season. The cold wind is the chief agent of this season. It makes the weather dull and chilly. Sometimes the untimely rain makes life miserable. It destroys our crops. Frost is another agent of the winter season. Naturally, it is always very difficult to go out at night in winter. But winter in India is not as cold as it is in some European countries. In various colleges or schools we get to see different sort of cultural programs are held. It’s the season of cake, sweets, chocolates etc. In this season there are whole lots of celebration such as Christmas, new years, celebration of new year, posh parbon etc where the people participates with ,full energy.

This season gives a new fresh look to the atmosphere. Different sort of food festival are held where we can see people grab themselves in the winter wear i.e swals, maflers, coats etc and enjoy the delicious winter’s special foods such as pitha, patisapta, polipitha and so on .Now a days people are so busy that they hardly prepare above cited food at home still they doesn’t miss too much these special food of winter.

This time in Kolkata the kolkatain are experiencing a tremendous low temperature but it doesn’t matter people didn’t step out feet’s back for enjoyment, entertainment and celebrating this awesome season of the year.

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